Computing Frontiers 2009

Final Program

Sunday, May 17


Monday, May 18

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks by General Chair and Program Co-Chairs
09:30 Keynote 1
Larrabee: A Many-Core Intel(r) Architecture for Visual Computing
Roger Espasa, Intel Corporation
Chair: G. Gaydadjiev
10:30 Coffee break
  Session I (Innovative Memory Systems)
Chair: S. McKee
Workshop Co-Chairs: G. Aloisio, and S. Fiore, CMCC & University of Salento, Italy
11:00 A Light-Weight Fairness Mechanism for Chip Multiprocessor Memory Systems
M. Jahre, L. Natvig
Data grids for conservation of cultural inheritance
R. Barberal, A. Calanducci, A. De Filippo, F. De Mattia, S, Iannizzotto, M. Saso, J. Sevilla, D. Vicinanza
11:30 A study of conflicting data in TM programs and methods to increasing concurrency using Value Prediction
S. Pant, G. Byrd
Replicated Data Management in the Grid: The Re:GRIDiT Approach
L. Voicu, H. Schuldt, Y. Breitbart, H.-J. Schek
12:00 Space-and-Time Efficient Garbage Collectors for Parallel Systems
S. Liu, L. Wang, X. Li, J. Gaudiot
Challenges on preserving scientific data with data grids
J. Barateiro, G. Antunes, F. Freitas, J. Borbinha
12:30 Lunch break
  Session II (Advanced Architectures 1)
Chair: G. Byrd
14:00 Core Monitors: Monitoring Performance in Multicore Processors
P. West, Y. Peress, D. Tyson, S. McKee
Synchronization and Caching Data for Linear Algebra Algorithms in Distributed and Grid Computing Environments
G. Laccetti, M. Lapegna, D. Romano, V. Mele
14:30 A Study on Optimally Co-scheduling Jobs of Different Lengths on Chip Multiprocessors
K. Tian, Y. Jiang, X. Shen
Methods of linear transfer speed Estimation in the Data Grid
M. Panshenskov, A. Vakhitov
15:00 A Multi-streaming SIMD Architecture for Multimedia Applications
J. Chiu, Y. Chou, H. Tzeng, C. Shen
15:30 Coffee break
  Session III (HPC Applications)
Chair: P Kelly
16:00 Quantitative Analysis of Sequence Alignment Applications on Multiprocessor Architectures
F. Castaño, A. Ramirez, M. Valero
16:30 Mapping the LU Decomposition on a Many-Core Architecture: Challenges and Solutions
I. Venetis, G. Gao
17:00 New Applications of Quantum Algorithms to Computer Graphics: the Quantum Random Sample Consensus Algorithm
S. Caraiman, V. Manta
17:30 End of Sessions
19:30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, May 19

09:00 Registration
09:30 Keynote 2
Pervasive Massively Multithreaded GPU Processors
Michael C. Shebanow, NVIDIA Corporation
Chair: C. Di Napoli
10:30 Coffee break
  Session IV (Novel Tools and Methods 1)
Chair: A. J Smith
Workshop Co-Chairs: R. Casadio, and L. Margara,University of Bologna, Italy
11:00 Towards Automatic Program Partitioning
S. Rul, H. Vandierendonck, K. Bosschere
10:45 An efficient algorithm for planted composite motif extraction
M. Federico, P. Valente, M. Leoncini, M. Montangero, R. Cavicchioli
11:15 Bioinformatics profiling of missense mutations
I. Nassiri, B. Goliaei, M. Tavassoli
11:45 Genome-wide statistical analysis of multiple transcription factor binding sites obtained by ChIP-seq technologies
Y.L. Orlov, M. Huss, R. Joseph, Y.K. Lee, H. Xu, N.G. Orlova, V.B. Vega, J.S. Thomsen, E. Cheung, N.D. Clarke, H.H. Ng
12:15 Unconventional training for neural network predictions of inter-residue contacts
D. Piovesan, P. Di Lena, M. Vassura
11:30 Non-clairvoyant Speed Scaling for Batched Parallel Jobs on Multiprocessors
H. Sun, Y. Cao, W. Hsu
12:00 Pleiad:A Cross-Environment Middleware Providing Efficient Multithreading on Clusters
K. Karantasis, E. Polychronopoulos
12:30 Lunch break
  Session V (Innovative Acceleration platforms)
Chair: C Trinitis
14:00 Data Parallel Acceleration of Decision Support Queries Using Cell/BE and GPUs
P. Trancoso, D. Othonos, A. Artemiou
14:30 Efficient Wave Field Synthesis for 3D Audio: architectural prospectives
D. Theodoropoulos, C. Ciobanu, G. Kuzmanov
15:00 Accelerating Total Variation Regularization for Matrix-Valued Images on GPUs
M. Moazeni, A. Bui, M. Sarrafzadeh
15:30 A Control-structure Splitting Optimization for GPGPU
S. CARRILLO, J. Siegel, X. Li
15:50 Coffee break
  Session VI (Advanced Architectures 2)
Chair: P Trancoso
16:15 Improving Performance of Simple Cores by Exploiting Loop-Level Parallelism through Value Prediction and Reconfiguration
T. Suri, A. Aggarwal
16:45 Scheduling Dynamic Parallelism on Accelators
F. Blagojevic, C. Iancu, K. Yelick, D. Nikolopoulos, B. Rose, M. Curtis-Maury
17:15 Power Consumption and Reduction in a Real, Commercial Multimedia Core
D. Antonelli, A.J. Smith, J.-W. van de Waerdt
17:35 End of Sessions
20:00 Social Dinner

Wednesday, May 20

09:00 Registration
09:30 Panel:Compiler Technologies for Current and Future Computer Systems
Organized by:
Almadena Chtchelkanova and Alex Nicolau
Keshav Pingali (UT Austin)
Gianfranco Bilardi (U of Padua)
Barbara Chapman (U of Houston)
Albert Cohen (INRIA)
10:40 Coffee break
  Session VII (Novel Tools and Methods 2)
Chair: A. Cohen
UCHPC'09 & MAW'09
UCHPC Organizer: A. Hast, University of Gävle, Sweden
MAW Organizer: J. Weidendorfer, Technische Universität München, Germany
11:10 High-Performance SIMT Code Generation in an Active Visual Effects Library
J. Cornwall, P. Kelly, P. Parsonage, B. Nicoletti
Clustering Billions Data Points Using GPU
R. Wu, B. Zhang, M. Hsu
11:40 True Value: Assessing and Optimizing the Cost of Computing at the Data Center Level
J. Moreira, J. Karidis, J. Moreno
An Intelligent Semi-Automatic Application Porting System for Application Accelerators
T. Beach
12:10 High Accuracy Failure Injection in Parallel and Distributed Systems Emulation
T. Hérault, T. Largillier, S. Peyronnet, B. Quétier, F. Cappello, M. Jan
Accelerating PQMRCGSTAB Algorithm on GPU
J. Chen
12:30 Lunch break
  Session VIII (Advanced Computing Systems Management and Evaluation)
Chair: J Moreira
UCHPC'09 & MAW'09
14:00 Scalable Transparent Checkpoint-Restart of Global Address Space Applications on Virtual Machines over Infiniband
O. Villa, S. Krishnamoorth, J. Nieplocha, D. Brown
Can Cloud Computing Reach The TOP500?
P. Bientinesi
14:30 Evaluating Three Multi-Core Processors for HPC Data-Intensive Kernels
A. van Amesfoort, A. Varbanescu, R. van Nieuwpoort, H. Sips
Towards Many-Core Implementations of Matrix Matrix Multiplication and LU Decomposition using Peano Curves
A. Heinecke, M. Bader
15:00 Strategies for Dynamic Memory Allocation in Hybrid Architectures
P. Bertels, W. Heirman, D. Stroobandt
15:20 Characterizing the Performance Penalties Induced by Irregular Code using Pointer Structures and Indirection Arrays on the Intel Core 2 Architecture
H. Spek, E. Bakker, H. Wijshoff
15:40 Coffee break
16:00 Closing Remarks
16:30 Conference Adjourns
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