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CF '14- Proceedings of the 11th ACM Conference on Computing Frontiers

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SESSION: Unconventional platforms

ScaffCC: a framework for compilation and analysis of quantum computing programs

  • Ali JavadiAbhari
  • Shruti Patil
  • Daniel Kudrow
  • Jeff Heckey
  • Alexey Lvov
  • Frederic T. Chong
  • Margaret Martonosi

On generating multicast routes for SpiNNaker

  • Javier Navaridas
  • Mikel Luján
  • Luis A. Plana
  • Steve Temple
  • Steve B. Furber

Enabling FPGAs in the cloud

  • Fei Chen
  • Yi Shan
  • Yu Zhang
  • Yu Wang
  • Hubertus Franke
  • Xiaotao Chang
  • Kun Wang

DaSH: a benchmark suite for hybrid dataflow and shared memory programming models: with comparative evaluation of three hybrid dataflow models

  • Vladimir Gajinov
  • Srđan Stipić
  • Igor Erić
  • Osman S. Unsal
  • Eduard Ayguadé
  • Adrián Cristal


Accurate off-line phase classification for HW/SW co-designed processors

  • Aleksandar Branković
  • Kyriakos Stavrou
  • Enric Gibert
  • Antonio González

SKOPE: a framework for modeling and exploring workload behavior

  • Jiayuan Meng
  • Xingfu Wu
  • Vitali Morozov
  • Venkatram Vishwanath
  • Kalyan Kumaran
  • Valerie Taylor

VALib and SimpleVector: tools for rapid initial research on vector architectures

  • Milan Stanic
  • Oscar Palomar
  • Ivan Ratkovic
  • Milovan Duric
  • Osman Unsal
  • Adrian Cristal

Getting ready for approximate computing: trading parallelism for accuracy for DSS workloads

  • Pedro Trancoso

SESSION: Heterogeneous systems

Feature-based device selection in heterogeneous computing systems

  • Ayman Tarakji
  • Niels Ole Salscheider
  • Stephan Alt
  • Jan Heiducoff

Embracing heterogeneity with dynamic core boosting

  • Hyoun Kyu Cho
  • Scott Mahlke

Towards a performance-portable FFT library for heterogeneous computing

  • Carlo del Mundo
  • Wu-chun Feng

SESSION: Architecture

DTT: program structure-aware indirect branch optimization via direct-TPC-table in DBT system

  • Ning Jia
  • Chun Yang
  • Yu He
  • Xu Cheng

Micro-checkpointing in fault tolerant runtimes

  • Pavlos Katsogridakis
  • Polyvios Pratikakis

Accelerating synchronization communications for high-density blade enclosure

  • Zheng Cao
  • Fei Chen
  • Xuejun An
  • Qiang Li

Ultra-low-latency lightweight DMA for tightly coupled multi-core clusters

  • Davide Rossi
  • Igor Loi
  • Germain Haugou
  • Luca Benini

SESSION: Programming models

Towards a new tuple-based programming paradigm for expressing and optimizing irregular parallel computations

  • Kristian F. D. Rietveld
  • Harry A. G. Wijshoff

Moving computations from run-time to compile-time: hyper-metaprogramming in practice

  • Lucian Radu Teodorescu
  • Vlad Dumitrel
  • Rodica Potolea

Dynamic transaction coalescing

  • Srđan Stipić
  • Vasileios Karakostas
  • Vesna Smiljković
  • Vladimir Gajinov
  • Osman Unsal
  • Adrián Cristal
  • Mateo Valero

SESSION: Big data and datacenters

Chameleon: a data organization transformation scheme for big data systems

  • Fengfeng Pan
  • Yinliang Yue
  • Jin Xiong

A collaborative divide-and-conquer K-means clustering algorithm for processing large data

  • Huimin Cui
  • Gong Ruan
  • Jingling Xue
  • Rui Xie
  • Lei Wang
  • Xiaobing Feng

Power availability provisioning in large data centers

  • Sriram Sankar
  • David Gauthier
  • Sudhanva Gurumurthi

POSTER SESSION: Poster flash talks

Hardware support for address mapping in PGAS languages: a UPC case study

  • Olivier Serres
  • Abdullah Kayi
  • Ahmad Anbar
  • Tarek El-Ghazawi

Supporting localized OpenVX kernel execution for efficient computer vision application development on STHORM many-core platform

  • Giuseppe Tagliavini
  • Germain Haugou
  • Luca Benini

PEACH: a model for performance and energy aware cooperative hybrid computing

  • Rong Ge
  • Xizhou Feng
  • Martin Burtscher
  • Ziliang Zong

An argument for thread-level speculation and just-in-time compilation in the Google's V8 JavaScript engine

  • Jan Kasper Martinsen
  • Håkan Grahn
  • Anders Isberg

TFluxSCC: a case study for exploiting performance in future many-core systems

  • Andreas Diavastos
  • Giannos Stylianou
  • Pedro Trancoso

Optimization of neural network through genetic algorithm searches for the prediction of international crude oil price based on energy products prices

  • Haruna Chiroma
  • Abdulsalam Ya'u Gital
  • Adamu Abubakar
  • Mohammed Joda Usman
  • Usman Waziri

High throughput genetic sequence analysis

  • Ham Ching Lam
  • Steve Cunningham
  • Srinand Sreevatsan
  • Daniel Boley

A neuro-fuzzy fan speed controller for dynamic thermal management of multi-core processors

  • Javad Mohebbi Najm Abad
  • Bagher Salami
  • Hamid Noori
  • Ali Soleimani
  • Farhad Mehdipour

Object-centric bank partition for reducing memory interference in CMP systems

  • Qi Zhong
  • Jing Wang
  • Keyi Wang


Concurrent page migration for mobile systems with OS-managed hybrid memory

  • Santiago Bock
  • Bruce R. Childers
  • Rami Melhem
  • Daniel Mossé

Cache-conscious graph collaborative filtering on multi-socket multicore systems

  • Lifeng Nai
  • Yinglong Xia
  • Ching-Yung Lin
  • Bo Hong
  • Hsien-Hsin S. Lee

SAMO: store aware memory optimizations

  • K. Raghavendra
  • Tripti Warrier
  • Madhu Mutyam

Multiple stream tracker: a new hardware stride prefetcher

  • Taesu Kim
  • Dali Zhao
  • Alexander V. Veidenbaum

SESSION: Algorithms

High performance two-dimensional phase unwrapping on GPUs

  • Zhenhua Wu
  • Wenjing Ma
  • Guoping Long
  • Yucheng Li
  • Qiuyan Tang
  • Zhongjie Wang

Symbiotic scheduling of concurrent GPU kernels for performance and energy optimizations

  • Teng Li
  • Vikram K. Narayana
  • Tarek El-Ghazawi

A framework for predicting trajectories using global and local information

  • William Groves
  • Ernesto Nunes
  • Maria Gini