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Febrary 5, 2017 AOE
January 20, 2017

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March 14, 2017

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April 4, 2017


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General Chair

Roberto Giorgi
University of Siena, IT

Program Co-Chairs

Michela Becchi
North Carolina State University, US
Francesca Palumbo
University of Sassari, IT

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Program Overview

May 15
May 16
May 17
08:30 08:30-08:45
Welcome & Opening
08:45 08:45-09:45
Keynote 1
Keynote 2
Cloud Computing &
09:45 09:45-10:30
Panel 1
Panel 2
10:05 10:05-10:55
Runtime Techniques
10:30 (break) (break)
10:55 (break)
11:00 11:00-12:15
Big Data Analytics
Applications at
the Frontier
Design of Low
Power Embedded
11:25 11:25-13:05
Compiler &
12:20 12:20-13:00
Short Papers 1
12:40 (lunch)
13:00 (lunch)
13:05 (lunch)
13:40 13:40-15:00
Special Session on
14:00 14:00-14:40
Short Papers 2
Malicious Software
and Hardware in
Internet of Things
14:05 14:05-15:20
Memory Performance
14:45 14:45-16:00
Trusted Execution
15:05 15:05-15:55
GPUs &
Accelerators (1)
Special Session on
Industrial Views
15:20 15:20-15:50
Closing Remarks
15:55 (break) (break)
16:00 (break) (break)
16:15 16:15-17:30
GPUs &
Accelerators (2)
Special Session on
Industrial Views
16:30 16:30-17:40
Short Papers 3
Malicious Software
and Hardware in
Internet of Things
17:30 17:30-23:30
Guided Tour and
Conference Banquet
17:40 17:40-19:00
Welcome Cocktail &
Poster Session

Detailed Program

Monday May 15

    Plenary Track
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    08:30-08:45 Welcome & Opening Remarks

    08:45-09:45 Keynote 1
    Chair: Francesca Palumbo
    Runtime Aware Architectures
    Mateo Valero (Barcelona Supercomputing Center) (abstract/bio)

    09:45-10:30 Panel 1
    Hardware/Software Interaction: the Missing Piece

    10:30-11:00 (break)

    Parallel Track I
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    11:00-12:15 Session Programming Systems
    11:00-12:15 StreamDrive: A Dynamic Dataflow Framework For Clustered Embedded Architectures
    Arthur Stoutchinin and Luca Benini
    11:25-11:50 Quality Optimization of Resilient Applications under Temperature Constraints
    Heng Yu, Yajun Ha and Jing Wang
    11:50-12:15 DYCE - A Resilient Shared Memory Paradigm for Heterogenous Distributed Systems without Memory Coherence
    Ulrich Finkler, Hubertus Franke and David Kung

    12:20-13:00 Session Short Papers 1
    Chair: Miquel Moreto
    12:20-12:30 Analytical Performance Modeling and Validation of Intel's Xeon Phi Architecture
    Sudheer Chunduri, Prasanna Balaprakash, Vitali Morozov, Venkat Vishwanath and Kalyan Kumaran
    12:30-12:40 Using Personality Metrics to Improve Cache Interference Management in Many-Core Processors
    Mwaffaq Otoom, Aamer Jaleel and Pedro Trancoso
    12:40-12:50 Selective off-loading to Memory: Task Partitioning and Mapping for PIM-enabled Heterogeneous Systems
    Yi Liao, Ying Wang, Dawen Xu, Huawei Li and Xiaowei Li

    Parallel Track II
    Room: Aula Magna Storica (first floor)

    11:00-13:00 Session Big Data Analytics Workshop (program)


    13:00-14:00 (lunch)


    Parallel Track I
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    14:10-14:40 Session Short Papers 2
    Chair: Miquel Moreto
    14:10-14:20 Large-Scale Plant Classification with Deep Neural Networks
    Ignacio Heredia
    14:20-14:30 Software-defined Networks in large-scale radio telescopes
    P. Chris Broekema, Damiaan R. Twelker, Daniel C. Romão, Paola Grosso, Rob V. van Nieuwpoort and Henri E. Bal
    14:30-14:40 Evolution of Friendship: a case study of MobiClique
    Jooyoung Lee, Konstatin Lopatin, Rasheed Hussain and Waqas Nawaz

    14:45-16:00 Session Trusted Execution
    Chair: Davide Ariu
    14:45-15:10 RAGuard: A Hardware Based Mechanism for Backward-Edge Control-Flow Integrity
    Jun Zhang, Rui Hou, Junfeng Fan, Ke Liu, Lixin Zhang and Sally A. McKee
    15:10-15:35 SGXKernel: A Library Operating System Optimized for Intel SGX
    Hongliang Tian, Yong Zhang, Chunxiao Xing and Shoumeng Yan
    15:35-16:00 Data mining the memory access stream to detect anomalous application behavior
    Francis Moreira, Matthias Diener, Philippe Navaux and Israel Koren

    16:00-16:30 (break)

    16:30-17:40 Session Short Papers 3
    Chair: Miquel Moreto
    16:30-16:40 A Resource-aware Malleable Tsunami Simulation Realized on an Elastic MPI Infrastructure
    Ao Mo-Hellenbrand, Isaías A. Comprés Ureña, Oliver Meister, Hans-Joachim Bungartz, Michael Gerndt and Michael Bader
    16:40-16:50 Peak load optimization through 2-dimensional packing and multi-processor real-time scheduling
    Daniele De Martini, Guido Benetti, Filippo Cipolla, Davide Caprino, Marco Luigi Della Vedova and Tullio Facchinetti
    16:50-17:00 Cloud Workload Prediction by Means of Simulation
    Gabor Kecskemeti, Attila Kertesz and Zsolt Nemeth
    17:00-17:10 Hardware Support for Secure Stream Processing in Cloud Environments
    Jeff Anderson and Tarek El-Ghazawi
    17:10-17:20 Let's Go: a Data-Driven Multi-Threading Support
    Alberto Scionti and Somnath Mazumdar
    17:20-17:30 Brain-Inspired Data-Driven Architecture for Sparse Nonlocal and Unstructured Workloads
    Yasunao Katayama
    17:30-17:40 CAROL-FI: an Efficient Fault-Injection Tool for Vulnerability Evaluation of Modern HPC Parallel Accelerators
    Daniel Alfonso Gonçalves De Oliveira, Vinícius Fratin Netto, Philippe Navaux, Israel Koren and Paolo Rech

    Parallel Track II
    Room: Aula Magna Storica (first floor)

    14:00-16:00 Session Malicious Software and Hardware in Internet of Things (program)

    16:00-16:30 (break)

    16:30-17:30 Session Malicious Software and Hardware in Internet of Things (program)


    Plenary Session

    17:40-19:00 Welcome Cocktail & Poster Session

Tuesday May 16

    Plenary Track
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    08:45-09:45 Keynote 2
    Chair: Michela Becchi
    Future of Deep Learning: Challenges & Solutions
    Mark Robins (Intel) (abstract/bio)

    09:45-10:30 Panel 2
    Designing Cyber-Physical Systems: Incremental Approaches or Disruptive Technologies?

    10:30-11:00 (break)

    Parallel Track I
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    11:00-12:40 Session Applications at the Frontier
    Chair: John Feo
    11:00-11:25 A Holistic Approach for Implementing Neural Network Computations
    Matthew Moskewicz, Ali Jannesari and Kurt Keutzer
    11:25-11:50 Finding Maximum Cliques Using Quantum Annealing
    Guillaume Chapuis, Hristo Djidjev, Georg Hahn and Guillaume Rizk
    11:50-12:15 An Ensemble Model for Diabetes Diagnosis in Large-scale and Imbalanced Dataset
    Xun Wei, Fan Jiang, Feng Wei, Jiekui Zhang, Weiwei Liao and Shaoyin Cheng
    12:15-12:40 Self-sustainability in Nano Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: A Blimp Case Study
    Daniele Palossi, Andres Gomez, Stefan Draskovic, Kevin Keller, Luca Benini and Lothar Thiele

    Parallel Track II
    Room: Aula Magna Storica (first floor)

    11:00-12:40 Session Design of Low Power Embedded Systems (program)


    12:40-13:40 (lunch)


    Plenary Session
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    13:40-15:00 Session Special Session on Collaborative Projects
    Chair: Francesca Palumbo
    13:40-14:00 BONSEYES: Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence
    Tim Llewellynn, et al.
    14:00-14:20 Designing Swarms of Cyber-Physical Systems: the H2020 CPSwarm Project
    Alessandra Bagnato, et al.
    14:20-14:40 HELICoiD: interdisciplinary and collaborative project for real-time brain cancer detection
    Rubén Salvador, et al.
    14:40-15:00 Social Engineering 2.0: A Foundational Work
    Davide Ariu, et al.

    Parallel Track I
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    15:05-15:55 Session GPUs & Accelerators (1)
    Chair: Leandro Fiorin
    15:05-15:30 Data Analytics with NVLink: An SpMV Case Study
    Daniele Buono, Fausto Artico, Fabio Checconi, Jee W. Choi, Xinyu Que and Lars Schneidenbach
    15:30-15:55 An Enhanced Image Reconstruction Tool for Computed Tomography on GPUs
    Xiaodong Yu, Hao Wang, Wu-Chun Feng, Hao Gong and Guohua Cao

    15:55-16:15 (break)

    16:15-17:30 Session GPUs & Accelerators (2)
    Chair: Leandro Fiorin
    16:15-16:40 GPU-UniCache: Automatic Code Generation of Spatial Blocking for Stencils on GPUs
    Kaixi Hou, Hao Wang and Wu-Chun Feng
    16:40-17:05 High Performance Coordinate Descent Matrix Factorization for Recommender Systems
    Xi Yang, Jianbin Fang, Jing Chen, Chengkun Wu, Tao Tang and Kai Lu
    17:05-17:30 Vectorization of Hybrid Breadth First Search on the Intel Xeon Phi
    Mireya Paredes Lopez, Graham Riley and Mikel Lujan

    Parallel Track II
    Room: Aula Magna Storica (first floor)

    15:05-15:55 Session Special Session on Industrial Views
    Chair: Antonino Tumeo
    15:05-15:30 NSF Center for High-Performance Reconfigurable Computing (CHREC)
    Wu-Chun Feng
    15:30-15:55 Designing and Programming the Configurable Cloud
    Andrew Putnam

    15:55-16:15 (break)

    16:15-17:30 Session Special Session on Industrial Views
    Chair: Antonino Tumeo
    16:15-16:40 ARM HPC Ecosystem and the Reemergence of Vectors
    Alex Rico
    16:40-17:05 Extending the Comfort Zone: DAVIDE (slides)
    Fabrizio Magugliani
    17:05-17:30 AXIOM project: from applied research towards embedded systems
    Davide Catani


    Plenary Session

    17:30-23:30 Guided tour and Conference Banquet
    The bus will depart from Piazza Gramsci (10 minute walk from the conference location, Google Maps link). Make sure to bring your ticket for the dinner with you!

Wednesday May 17

    Plenary Track
    Room: Aula Magna (second floor)

    08:45-10:00 Session Cloud Computing & Virtualization
    08:45-09:10 Recommending Resources to Cloud Applications based on Custom Templates Composition
    Ronny Bazan Antequera, Prasad Calyam, Arjun Chandrashekara and Shivoam Malhotra
    09:10-09:35 Advanced Manufacturing Collaboration in a Cloud-based App Marketplace
    Amit Rama Akula, Prasad Calyam, Ronny Bazan Antequera and Raymond Leto
    09:35-10:00 Warm is Not Warm: Understanding the I/O Behavior of Desktop Applications in Virtualization Environments
    Yan Sui, Chun Yang and Xu Cheng

    10:05-10:55 Session Runtime Techniques
    Chair: Hubertus Franke
    10:05-10:30 Work Stealing in a Shared Virtual-Memory Heterogeneous Environment
    Shuai Che, Marc Orr and Jonathan Gallmeier
    10:30-10:55 Designing Scalable Distributed Memory Models: A case study
    Joshua Landwehr, Joshua Suetterlein, Joseph Manzano, Andres Marquez, Kevin Barker and Guang R Gao

    10:55-11:25 (break)

    11:25-13:05 Session Compiler & Scheduling Techniques
    Chair: Josef Weidendorfer
    11:25-11:50 Trading Fault Tolerance for Performance in AN Encoding
    Norman Rink and Jeronimo Castrillon
    11:50-12:15 ExanaDBT: A Dynamic Compilation System for Transparent Polyhedral Optimizations at Runtime
    Yukinori Sato, Tomoya Yuki and Toshio Endo
    12:15-12:40 Task-parallel Runtime System Optimization Using Static Compiler Analysis
    Peter Thoman, Peter Zangerl and Thomas Fahringer
    12:40-13:05 Exploring the Performance Limits of Out-of-order Commit
    Mehdi Alipour, Trevor E. Carlson and Stefanos Kaxiras


    13:05-14:05 (lunch)


    14:05-15:20 Session Memory Performance
    Chair: Carsten Trinitis
    14:05-14:30 Optimizing memory affinity with a hybrid compiler/OS approach
    Matthias Diener, Eduardo Cruz, Marco Antonio Zanata Alves, Edson Borin and Philippe Navaux
    14:30-14:55 BC-AMAT: Considering Blocked Time in Memory System Measurement
    Qi Yu, Libo Huang, Cheng Qian and Zhiying Wang
    14:55-15:20 Optimal On-Line Computation of Stack Distances for MIN and OPT
    Gianfranco Bilardi, Kattamuri Ekanadham and Pratap Pattnaik

    15:20-15:50 Closing Remarks