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February 13th, 2022 (AoE) (Extended)

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March 22th, 2022

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General Chair

Luca Sterpone
Politecnico di Torino, Italy

For more information, visit the website at

Program Overview

Each day, the conference program starts at 09:00 CEST (UTC+2).
Main Sessions are held in Sala d'Onore Room.
Poster Session is held in Sala delle Colonne Room.

May 17
May 18
May 19
09:00 09:00-9:30
Opening Session
Keynote 2
Main Track: Codesign (II)
09:30 09:30-11:00
Keynote 1
10:30 (Break) (Break)
10:45 10:45-11:30
Main Track: Codesign (I)
Main Track: Applications - Deep
11:00 (Break)
11:15 11:15-12:45
Main Track: Architecture (I)
11:30 11:30-12:45
Main Track: Quantum Computing
12:45 (Lunch) 12:45-18:15
13:45 13:45-14:05
14:05 14:05-14:30
Award Ceremony and Closing
14:15 14:15-16:00
Main Track: Security
16:00 (Break)
16:30 16:30-18:15
Main Track: Architecture (II) -
18:15 18:15-18:35
Session Poster Blitz (2min flash
(Social Event)
18:35 18:35-20:00
Welcome Reception + Posters

Detailed Program

Tuesday May 17

    09:00-9:30 Opening Session

    09:30-11:00 Keynote 1
    Chair: Luca Sterpone
    How End-to-end Computing & Safety Bring Autonomous Machines to Life
    Riccardo Mariani

    11:00-11:15 Break

    11:15-12:45 Session Main Track: Architecture (I)
    Chair: Andrea Bartolini
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    REMOC: Efficient Request Managements for On-chip Memories of GPUs
    Bingchao Li and Jizeng Wei
    Micro BTB: A High Performance and Storage Efficient Last-Level Branch Target Buffer for Servers
    Vishal Gupta and Biswabandan Panda
    STIFF: Thermally Safe Temperature Effect Inversion Aware FinFET based Multi-core
    Shounak Chakraborty, Vassos Soteriou and Magnus Sjalander

    12:45-14:15 Lunch

    14:15-16:00 Session Main Track: Security
    Chair: Josef Weidendorfer
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    Patient-Centered Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing and Dynamic Consent Framework using Consortium Blockchain and Ciphertext-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption
    Liang Zhang, Haibin Kan and Honglan Huang
    Evaluating Fork after Withholding (FAW) Attack in Bitcoin
    Runkai Yang, Xiaolin Chang, Jelena Mišić, Vojislav Mišić and Haoran Zhu
    Where's Waldo? Identifying Anomalous Behavior of Data-Only Attacks using Hardware Features.
    Gildo Torres and Chen Liu
    Return-oriented programming protection in the IBM POWER10 processor
    Jose Moreira, Debapriya Chatterjee, Kattamuri Ekanadham and Arnold Flores

    16:00-16:30 Break

    16:30-18:15 Session Main Track: Architecture (II) - Acceleration
    Chair: Antonino Tumeo
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    NTTGen: A Framework for Generating Low Latency NTT Implementations on FPGA
    Yang Yang, Sanmukh R. Kuppannagari, Rajgopal Kannan and Viktor Prasanna
    FPGA Acceleration of Deep Reinforcement Learning using On-Chip Replay Management
    Yuan Meng, Chi Zhang and Viktor Prasanna
    SIMD Support to Improve Eclipse OpenJ9 Performance on the AArch64 Platform
    Md. Alvee Noor, Kenneth Kent, Kazuhiro Konno and Daryl Maier
    A Design Methodology for Fault-Tolerant Computing using Astrocyte Neural Networks
    Murat Isik, Ankita Paul, M. Lakshmi Varshika and Anup Das

    18:15-18:35 Session Session Poster Blitz (2min flash talks)
    Chair: Gianluca Palermo, Carsten Trinitis
    Room: Sala d’Onore

    18:35-20:00 Session Welcome Reception + Posters
    Chair: Gianluca Palermo, Carsten Trinitis
    Room: Sala delle Colonne
    Always-On Instrumentation for Application Introspection in HPC
    Amir Raoofy, Josef Weidendorfer and Michael Ott
    Multi-level Anomaly Prediction in Tier-0 Datacenter: a Deep Learning Approach
    Mohsen Seyedkazemi Ardebili, Andrea Bartolini and Luca Benini
    Artificial versus Spiking Neural Networks for Reinforcement Learning in UAV Obstacle Avoidance
    Luca Zanatta, Francesco Barchi, Andrea Bartolini and Andrea Acquaviva
    SODA-OPT: An MLIR Based Flow for Co-Design and High-Level Synthesis
    Nicolas Bohm Agostini, Serena Curzel, David Kaeli and Antonino Tumeo
    Semi-supervised Anomaly Detection on a Tier-0 HPC System
    Martin Molan, Andrea Borghesi, Luca Benini and Andrea Bartolini
    Anomaly Detection to Improve Security of Big Data Analytics
    Tom Slooff, Francesco Regazzoni, Fabien Brocheton, Radim Cmar and Antonio Parodi
    Meet Monte Cimone: Exploring RISC-V High Performance Compute Clusters
    Federico Ficarelli, Andrea Bartolini, Emanuele Parisi, Francesco Beneventi, Francesco Barchi, Daniele Gregori, Fabrizio Magugliani, Marco Cicala, Cosimo Gianfreda, Daniele Cesarini, Andrea Acquaviva and Luca Benini
    Hardware Acceleration of Complex Machine Learning Models through Modern High-Level Synthesis
    Serena Curzel, Nicolas Bohm Agostini, Antonino Tumeo and Fabrizio Ferrandi
    An Extreme-Scale Virtual Screening Platform for Drug Discovery
    Gianluca Palermo, Davide Gadioli, Emanuele Vitali, Cristina Silvano, Federico Ficarelli, Chiara Latini, Candida Manelfi, Carmine Talarico and Andrea Beccari
    Reducing Neural Architecture Search Spaces with Training-Free Statistics and Computational Graph Clustering
    Thorir Mar Ingolfsson, Mark Vero, Xiaying Wang, Lorenzo Lamberti, Luca Benini and Matteo Spallanzani
    On the use of hardware accelerators in QC-MDPC code-based cryptography
    Andrea Galimberti, Davide Galli, Gabriele Montanaro, William Fornaciari and Davide Zoni

Wednesday May 18

    09:00-10:30 Keynote 2
    Chair: Carsten Trinitis
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    High-Performance Computing in the Enterprise: A Look Inside a Modern Business-Oriented Processor
    José E. Moreira

    10:30-10:45 Break

    10:45-11:30 Session Main Track: Codesign (I)
    Chair: Andrea Bartolini
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    FLEXDP: Flexible Frequency Scaling for Energy-Delay Product Optimization of GPU Applications
    Kaijie Fan, Biagio Cosenza and Ben Juurlink
    Orchestra: Adaptively Accelerating Distributed Deep Learning in Heterogeneous Environment
    Haizhou Du, Sheng Huang and Qiao Xiang
    REC: Retime Convolutional Layers in Energy Harvesting ReRAM-based CNN Accelerators
    Kunyu Zhou and Keni Qiu

    11:15-12:45 Session Workshops

    Click Here for Workshops Program!

    11:30-12:45 Session Main Track: Quantum Computing
    Chair: Francesco Regazzoni
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    BILP-Q: Quantum Coalition Structure Generation
    Supreeth Mysore Venkatesh, Antonio Macaluso and Matthias Klusch
    Magic state injection on the rotated surface code
    Lingling Lao and Ben Criger
    Practical Approximate Quantum Multipliers for NISQ Devices
    Sohrab Sajadimanesh, Jean Paul Latyr Faye and Ehsan Atoofian

    12:45-18:15 Session Workshops

    Click Here for Workshops Program!

    18:15-23:59 Social Event

Thursday May 19

    09:00-10:15 Session Main Track: Codesign (II)
    Chair: Kristian Rietveld
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    Lazy Repair with Temporary Redundancy(LRTR): Reducing Repair Network Traffic in Erasure-coded Storage
    Longpan Luo, Duo Liu, Yujuan Tan, Moming Duan, Weilue Wang, Yu Wu and Xianzhang Chen
    moTuner: A Compiler-based Auto-tuning Approach for Mixed-precision Operators
    Zewei Mo, Zejia Lin, Xianwei Zhang and Yutong Lu
    Fine-Grained Address Segmentation for Attention-Based Variable-Degree Prefetching
    Pengmiao Zhang, Ajitesh Srivastava, Anant V. Nori, Rajgopal Kannan and Viktor K. Prasanna

    10:30-10:45 Break

    10:45-12:45 Session Main Track: Applications - Deep Learning
    Chair: Gianluca Palermo
    Room: Sala d’Onore
    Efficient Trimming for Strongly Connected Components Calculation
    Dante Niewenhuis and Ana-Lucia Varbanescu
    Enabling Resource-Efficient Edge Intelligence with Compressive Sensing-Based Deep Learning
    Alina Machidon and Veljko Pejović
    Deep Reinforcement Learning Empowered Multiple UAVs-assisted Caching and Offloading Optimization in D2D Wireless Networks
    Na Lin, Hongzhi Qin and Junling Shi
    Workload Characterization of a Time-Series Prediction System for Spatio-Temporal Data
    Milan Jain, Sayan Ghosh and Sai Pushpak Nandanoori

    12:45-13:45 Lunch

    13:45-14:05 Session Workshops

    Click Here for Workshops Program!

    14:05-14:30 Award Ceremony and Closing